Dear Wee Forest Folk Collectors,

We are pleased to offer you a bonus program to buy a half price "Wee Forest Folk".

For every 5 (five) pieces purchased, you may buy the sixth piece at a 50% discount, however, the catalog price of the sixth piece must not be higher than the highest price among the 5 pieces. If price of sixth piece happens to be higher than the highest price one of the 5 pieces, we still honor you a credit amount equal to 50% of highest price of first 5 pieces you purchased*.

Example: Date of purchase Item # Catalog price
  1)1/27/00 M-62 $27
  2) 2/19/00 M-134 $72
  3) 2/19/00 M-180 $43
  4) 4/20/00 M-177 $164 - highest price piece among 5 pieces. *
  5) 6/24/00 M-95 $39
  6) The sixth piece is your 50% off piece.  
  If catalog price is $140, you pay $70. ($140 - $70)  
  If catalog price is $164, you pay $82. ($164 - $82)  
  If catalog price is $168, you pay $86. ($168 - $82)  

All purchases must be in current production. The retired, or store's special pieces are not included.

All your purchases will be kept in record under your name and a copy of which will be included in the package we ship to you.

We offer : Free shipping & handling (first class mail in U.S.A.), except:

*$4 of handling charge apply to the half price pc (waived if 6 pcs are purchased at one time)
*2 - 3 days priority mail, add USPS current rate

To order:
1) phone: (650) 965-3178
2) e-mail:

This offer** may not be combined with any other offer and subject to change without notice.
**Revised 1/1/03

Helen Chyuwei